What We Coach

What We Coach

Kids MMA Class

SBG Core Concepts

1. Truth – Sincerity, Epistemology, Authenticity. These things define SBG, and explain why we do what we do, in the manner in which we do it.

2. Aliveness – Timing, Energy and Motion. Three sides of the same object, three perspectives of the same phenomena, but each part, essential to the whole. Aliveness is the epistemology of functional martial arts. It is the self-correcting mechanism that allows us to adjust our form to align with function. It is SBG’s truth seeking method. One of the methods used to understand the epistemology of Aliveness is the I-Method (a three-stage training sequence used for most skills and drills); Introduction / Isolation / Integration.

3. Adaptability – Universal, Repeatable, Efficient. Truth has it relates to fighting – Stand Up (striking), Clinch (takedowns), Ground (grappling) and Weapons (impact, edged and ballistic). To accommodate different goals and venues; SBG focuses on fundamentals. Key ways to identify a fundamental: Universal – it will transcend culture, bodies, era and venue. Repeatable – it works on all body types, it doesn’t rely on youth, speed, or strength. Efficient – it provides maximum benefit with minimum effort. Maximum leverage with minimum energy. Maximum control with minimum risks.

Utilizing the I-method of coaching (Introduction – Isolation – Integration) and the P-method (Posture - Pressure - Possibilities), new students are taught a solid foundation allowing critical thinking as the material is applied without wasting years on rehearsing meaningless techniques. The fully comprehensive curriculum in Stand-up, Clinch, Ground and Functional Weaponry revolves around the fundamentals of the delivery system. This provides each student the freedom to develop his/her own style, that is optimum for their body, mind and temperament.

SBG Cape Town practise the combination of the above stated skill sets, integrated into a single, effective game. The Coach and seniors will help you develop your skills in a fun, safe and healthy environment. We train in an environment suitable for people of all ages, backgrounds, and objectives. Whether an aspiring MMA athlete, or a man or woman in your 50’s looking for a fun way to get in shape… our classes will help you get there.

Our conceptual focus is on the following principles:

➢ Aliveness
➢ Functionality
➢ Adaptability
➢ Athleticism / Fitness
➢ Attitude / Mind Frame

We train and teach with a systematic and athletic perspective:

➢ Information and techniques are presented in a logical progression
➢ Drilling is done with an emphasis on “Aliveness”
➢ Competency and progress is gauged by one simple standard – successful execution of a technique against an uncooperative opponent.

Our top priority is coaching you as an athlete to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

We are first and foremost an open-minded and “alive” gym. We are not concerned with what was, but with what works. As a result, you’ll find our curriculum very streamlined and practical. We don’t waste time on ineffective techniques or outdated training methods. There is simply too much to do and too little time.

What makes our training environment world class is

our quality coaching, our proven training methods,

our conceptual foundation and the

friendly, supportive attitude of our students.

Fully Equipped Gym

Gym Equipment

Our gym is fully equipped with the following:

➢ punch bags
➢ Full complement of focus mitts and kick shields
➢ Grappling mats
➢ Indoor Gym
➢ Outdoor functional training gym – climbing wall, pull up bars, balance beams, etc.

Our supplementary training equipment includes:
stability balls | kettle bells | medicine balls | free weights | TRX suspension trainers